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5 Essential Tips for Product Videos

Make sure you really engage your viewer. Hook them, inform them, inspire them, make them lean forward and feel how you can improve their life – even a little bit!

Choose a feel that’s right for your brand, but keep it light, conversational, no nonsense – remember, video should be like a word-of-mouth recommendation from a mate.

It’s got to be digestible, and that (usually) means short! Studies are showing that shorter means more effective, so distill, hone, cut, edit and whisk until the main message is light and tasty – you can always put a list of more detailed benefits at the end.

4. SEE
They can’t watch it if they don’t know it’s there! Visitors aren’t always expecting you to have a video, so you have to shout a bit – not a tiny little unclear button tucked away lower down, but a nice big red PLAY button, over your hero image, like YouTube’s.

It’s also no good having video unless you share it – not just on your product page, but on every social outlet you use, plus emailouts, in store, QR codes on packaging – everywhere.

And it CAN be done at Low Cost!

Product films and How Tos can be made at surprisingly low cost. Your advertising agency often won’t want to do them, because it’s hard to do well at low cost, but it’s absolutely possible if you work smart. And then it becomes affordable for hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to each have their own powerful selling video.  And to make useful How To and Advice videos to enhance brand loyalty.

See our latest video for Aldi


Watch a How To video for Harveys

Watch a delicious Food video!

watch a delicious Food video!

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